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Cleveland Metroparks Administration Building

Cleveland, Ohio

Established in 1917, the Cleveland Metroparks’ first Board of Park Commissioners created a plan for “the acquisition of land, envisioning a system of connected parkways encircling the city of Cleveland.” Today, as the Metroparks celebrate their 100-year anniversary, it’s clear that the vision has become a reality with 23,000 acres of green space within 18 reservations and the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.

Finding that their Administration Building needed to grow in order to keep up with the services provided, an 11,544 sq. ft. addition and a 3,320 sq. ft. renovation took place. Tec was brought on board for the CD phase to complete the Construction Documents suitable for obtaining a building permit and negotiated subcontractor bids.


Year Completed

Not Available


15,000 SF


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