Kraft Foods Warehouse Design & Energy Audit

Tinley Park & Shaumburg, Illinois

This warehouse is a one-story, 34,000 square foot distribution warehouse with an office area located in Tinley Park, Illinois. This warehouse has a large freezer area with smaller areas assigned to dry-goods storage and office space. The building is precast panel construction with a light-colored metal roof deck, and gray-tinted insulating glass. The envelope utilizes increased insulation in the walls, and high-performance fenestration to lower the mechanical thermal loads, and help control moisture and airflow in the building. The highly reflective white roof helps reduce the HVAC cooling load as well.

Tec designed the mechanical systems to employ many strategies to reduce energy consumption. The primary HVAC system is packaged rooftop equipment with high-efficiency DX cooling and gas-fired heating. The system also utilizes a dry-bulb economizer and demand control ventilation. The electrical system employs lighting occupancy sensors in all rooms, turning off the lights when the space is unoccupied.

A simple, yet efficient, lighting design was used to further reduce lighting electricity consumption. An in-depth analysis of renewable energy sources was completed with photovoltaic arrays, determined to be the most appropriate alternative.

Unfortunately, the available renewable energy credits were not sufficient for the owner to pursue this option. The process energy from the freezer is greatly reduced through the use of a split system design with indoor compressor rack, hot gas defrost, and condenser loop heat recovery.


Year Completed



34,000 SF