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3rd Floor Science Lab Renovations, Lakeland Community College

Kirtland, Ohio

Lakeland Community College’s main campus consists of eight interconnected buildings; Building A was constructed in 1971 soon after the college was established. This 100,000 sq. ft., 3-story building is used for student services and lecture classes and is home to the Science Hall, a space in need of updating to meet the needs of students studying the sciences. To begin the phased renovation process, Tec Inc. completed an analysis of the previous HVAC system which revealed 1) air handling units that had exceeded their life expectancy and were susceptible to failure, and 2) exhaust systems that did not meet the Ohio Mechanical Code requirements. Mechanical improvements included new 100% outside air units, make-up air units with heat recovery from exhaust air, new central exhaust fans, and new exhaust fume hoods in the classrooms. A new direct digital control (DDC) system provides a variety of control sequences and improves operation, maintenance, and energy efficiency. Energy savings are increased through an automated system that switches the makeup air unit from 100% outside air during occupied hours to 100% recirculating air during unoccupied hours. Additionally, the existing power distribution system did not accommodate the new electrical demand required for the HVAC and ventilation system upgrades. A new 3-phase distribution panel, along with new branch feeders to MUA units and exhaust fans, and a 400 ampere feeder routed down to the basement main electrical switchgear were among the electrical improvements made to ensure capacity requirements were met. Rounding out Tec’s engineering services were laboratory prep areas—including lab gases—and the associated plumbing, electrical, fire alarm, and technology design.


Year Completed

$9 million


32,000 SF


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