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Bryson Hall Electrical, Lighting and HVAC Upgrades,
The Ohio State University

Marion, Ohio

This project consisted of the replacement of a boiler system at the Alber Student Center. Also included in the project was Bryson Hall, which entailed a light replacement design for the computer rooms and the addition of a new air terminal unit (VAV boxes).

The existing five Computer Room Air Conditioning Units in Bryson Hall were replaced to address changes in the zoning of the rooms. One of the rooms and its associated terminal box were disconnected from the existing air handler and were served by a new system. The replacement system is a unitary rooftop unit with DX cooling, natural gas heating and variable volume supply which serves VAV boxes for each zone in the project area.

Lastly, the project included upgrading existing roadway, parking lot, walkway, building mounted, and landscape lighting on the OSU Marion / Marion Technical College Campus to new LED fixtures. This upgrade includes replacing some of the associated light poles as well as controlling all of the new pole mounted lights with a wireless lighting control system.

2015, 2017

Year Completed



campus wide


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