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Woody Hayes Athletic Center Biggs Study, The Ohio State University

Columbus, Ohio

WHAC Feasibility Study: Monks Engineers supported the MEPT trades to advise and assist MSA Sports in a “high-level” understanding of the project scope which entailed renovating a portion of the WHAC into an Athlete Lounge, Sports Performance/Recovery Area, and expansion/improvements to the Dining Areas. The study also involved proposing ventilation improvements to the indoor football area as well as modifications/additions to the existing systems in these areas to accommodate the changes in program and use. WHAC Air Handler Replacement: This project was the replacement of the internal components of the existing rooftop unit AHU-4. The design comprised replacing the supply and return fans, VFD’s, heating and cooling coils, heating coil circulating pump, and mixing dampers. Also added was a reheat coil and controls to create a dehumidification sequence. WHAC Indoor Field Electric and Light Installation: This project consisted of the design of a new lighting system to improve lighting levels, control and energy efficiency. The design replaced all the existing lighting fixtures on the indoor field only (approximately 88,500 SF. The project also incorporated electrical changes to change the delivered voltage to an existing switch used for temporary power.


Year Completed



86,000 SF


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