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Woody Hayes Athletic Center East Wing Renovation, The Ohio State University

Columbus, Ohio

This project renovated the existing football player’s lounge on the second floor of the Woody Hayes Athletic Center and renovated the east end of the first floor. The work included MEP and Fire Protection engineering services for expanded food service, additional eating space, barber shop, area for game simulator(s), viewing area to the Indoor Practice Facility, theater room, and relaxation area. The work followed the recommendations of the space study completed 12/02/2016 and updated 5/26/2017 prepared by the Architectural Lead and Monks Engineers, LLC. Plumbing work included the extension of existing domestic cold water, domestic hot water, and sanitary waste & drain systems to feed remodeled and new areas; the addition of two new water heaters in an existing Mechanical Room to provide domestic hot water for kitchen and training/isolation pods. An in-ground grease interceptor was provided for all kitchen wastes and existing natural gas mains will be extended. HVAC work included replacing air handlers with larger units and providing new air distribution ductwork, and VAV boxes. A supplemental VRF system was designed to air condition multiple rooms with a condensing unit on the roof. A pool conditioning unit, a kitchen hood, hood exhaust system, and makeup air unit were also included in the design. Electrical work included power distribution, and new LED lighting in all areas of the project. The existing fire alarm system was modified and expanded to serve the remodeled space.


Year Completed

$6.1 Million


11,000 SF


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