Comprehensive Load Study of Electrical Distribution System

Painesville, Ohio

Tec Inc. was hired to complete a load flow study and utility short circuit analysis for Painesville Municipal Electric. The study included an analysis of entire distribution system including power generation, high voltage substations, and utility transformers.
The field work required included identifying and mapping over 800 utility transformers across the more than 30 square miles of service area. Tec provided equipment inspection throughout the distribution system to document the various circuit capabilities and layouts. As a result of this fieldwork, a complete and current one-line diagram was prepared in
CAD as part of this phase of the study.
After the field work was completed Tec provided a new computer model of the electrical distribution system through the primary substation using ETAP Powerstation software to include all of the known major distribution equipment, equipment relay settings and tie circuits within the distribution. The fault current and impedance/reactance value of the utility was generated based on available short circuit data and feeder breaker.


Year Completed