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Fire Alarm Upgrades, The Ohio State University

Columbus, Ohio

The Ohio State University maintains facilities with a phased upgrade and maintenance plan. This General Contracting project consisted of the replacement of the existing fire alarm systems in 11 buildings on main campus. The buildings were occupied during the project construction and design incorporated phasing and ‘off-hours’ work by the contractors to minimize the impact on the building occupants and maintain fire alarm protection. The design, scheduling, and coordination were closely coordinated with OSU Facilities Design and Construction, Fire Shop and Operations.

The 11 buildings included: Cockins Hall, Mathematics Building, Agricultural Administration Building, Atwell Hall, Campbell Hall, Denney Hall, Enarson Classroom Building, Electroscience Lab, Sisson Hall, University Hall, and Scott Hall.

These building’s fire alarm systems were surveyed, documented and evaluated for efficient replacement with new, current technology, addressable/programmable ADA compliant system. The new systems include a new microprocessor based control panel, new smoke/heat detectors, and new audible/visual notification appliances in all public areas installed per ADA.


Year Completed



11 Buildings


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