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Lima Campus Standby and Emergency Generators, The Ohio State University

Lima, Ohio

Tec was initially tasked with the installation of up to four exterior natural gas generators, one at each of four existing buildings on the OSU Lima Regional campus; Galvin Hall, Reed Hall, Student Services Center and Cook Hall, each building was thoroughly surveyed and a preliminary study was performed to determine the scope and budget of the project. The study revealed only two buildings could be supported by the construction budget.

Galvin Hall’s design provided for an emergency generator that powers egress lighting, fire pump, fire alarm system and minimal building heating systems for freeze protection. We reviewed and re-circuited the egress lighting system to eliminate battery units and provide current-code compliant egress lighting levels. The heating system was analyzed to determine the minimum number of components needed to be connected to the generator to achieve freeze protection. This approach minimized reconfiguration of the electrical distribution system saving construction and operational costs. Additionally, VFDs were added to specific heating system motors to further reduce the demand for the generator.

Student Services was designed for one standby generator due to the size of the building and the needs of the Owner. The generator is capable of backing up the entire electrical service of the building. The life safety systems consist of egress lighting only and will continue to operate as they exist.


Year Completed



Four Buildings


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