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When Terry Kilbourne embarked on the journey of building Tec Inc. Engineering & Design in 1983, he started the company with some core values in mind. As we celebrate our 40th year in business, we reflect on the history of the company and legacy that Terry began in 1983.


When Terry Kilbourne decided to create a new firm he approached it with a military background and a keen sense of giving back to the community that supports the firm. Although probably not stated, the core values of Tec were developed at that time. Today we still operate with the values that were present on day one.

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At Tec Inc. we are driven to be the engineers clients insist upon. The company was founded on providing a place to work that engineers and staff would be proud of and be an active contributor to each individual's and and firm's success. Our daily pursuit for developing each individual professionally and personally remains a tenant operating philosophy after 40 years.

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