Dorothy Davis Heart & Lung Institute, The Ohio State University

Columbus, OH

This Multiple Prime delivery method project consisted of the design and construction of a 110,000 sq. ft. research facility of six stories plus basement to house a large auditorium, laboratories, extensive research facilities, meeting rooms, animal rooms, and six-story atrium. The project began with a site study to determine the best location for the facility relative to existing University Hospitals. The final location was the site of Upham Hall, which was demolished as part of this project. In 2014 Monks Engineers was engaged to enhance the Morgue Cooler System. This project consisted of a sequence of controls for a backup system of the morgue cooler at the Dorothy Davis Heart & Lung Institute. A new condensing unit was installed as was a DDC temperature sensor to monitor the temperature inside the body cooler and automatically provide cooling if the primary system failed. Our Original Design of the MEP Systems The plumbing system included storm and sanitary sump pumps, waste piping with acid dilution basins, distilled water generators, de-ionized water system, vacuum pump and piping system, and film processor piping. The HVAC system included two 400-ton water chillers, three high pressure air handling units, and a complete VAV system throughout the building. Fume hood and general laboratory exhaust was manifolded and exhausted through four induced dilution fans on the roof. Variable frequency drives were used on air unit fans, cooling tower fans, and some of the pumps. A DDC control system provided automatic control of the exhaust and supply air to each laboratory area as well as the entire HVAC system. The electrical system consisted of two double-ended substations, one rated at 3,500 amp (with two 1000 KVA, 13.2 KV//208V/120V transformers) and one rated at 2,500 amps (with two 13.2 KV//480V/277V transformers). The power distribution system consisted of two motor control centers, eighty-eight panels, and an emergency generator with associated automatic transfer switch. Fifty-one different styles of lighting fixtures were incorporated in the design as well as an extensive fire alarm system, communications and data systems, audio/visual system for the auditorium, nurse call system, dimming system, and animal watering control systems.

2000 and 2014

Year Completed

$20 Million


110,000 SF