MetroHealth, Various Projects

Cleveland, OH

On-Board Imager: Tec Inc. completed the electrical engineering for the installation of an On-Board Imager in the Cancer Center at the Cancer Care Pavilion. The engineering design included power and pathways for interfacing with the new equipment provided by Varian Medical Systems. Cafeteria Relighting: Tec Inc. completed the electrical engineering and lighting design for the remodeling of three dining rooms at MetroHealth. Lighting and finishes were upgraded in the Dining areas and the Condiment Corridor. The new lighting system will provide more light at a much lower cost. The design used 40 less fixtures, 300 less lamps and will save over $5,000 per year to light the same space. By using less luminaires the install cost was much less than budgeted. Savings will be accumulated from the installation and the long term operation of the lighting system. Allergy Clinic: Tec Inc. completed the electrical engineering for the expansion of the Allergy Clinic. The expansion included the addition of three infusion chairs, a nurse observation station and an enlarged waiting room. An adjacent unoccupied space was acquired for the addition. The new space has added a nurse call system to connect the staff areas that are on either side of the waiting. Each bed has wireless lighting control to allow individual patient control. Each chair has phone, data and television for for use while the treatment is administered.


Year Completed