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Donaldson Plastic Surgery

Dublin, Ohio

Tec Inc. completed the renovation of an existing multi-story building into a new approximately 7,400 SF office space for a Plastic Surgery tenant space. Per the Ohio Building Code, the tenant space is classified as a B business occupancy. Services included the modification of an automatic fire suppression sprinkler system as well as an existing fire alarm system to accommodate the new architectural floor plan.

Mechanical Engineering included the addition either new rooftop HVAC units, ductwork, diffusers and controls to environmentally condition the tenant space. Plumbing design to accommodate the toilet rooms, shower, laundry and exam/spa/procedure room sinks. The fire protection sprinkler system and a performance specification were completed to revise sprinkler head locations to accommodate the new architectural floor plan.

Tec provided Electrical Engineering to energize the new mechanical HVAC equipment. Lighting, lighting controls, emergency and egress illumination were included as part of our design. General receptacle, specialized equipment power, modifications to the existing fire alarm system as well as voice data access points, pathways and patch panel in the IT room were provided.


Year Completed



7,400 SF


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