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Electrical Panel and Service Upgrade, Ohio Veterans' Home

Sandusky, Ohio

The Ohio Veterans’ Home, in addition to offering standard care and special care in its licensed nursing home, also offers Veterans Hall (DOM), a domiciliary for those who are able to function in an independent living situation, and DOM+ for those requiring very limited assistance (supervised care) but who do not require the level of care provided to nursing home residents.

Tec Inc. completed the electrical engineering to upgrade approximately 30 main electrical panels and main service lines that provide electricity to the electrical panels in the Secrest and Giffin nursing homes and provide additional circuits and receptacles in various areas. This upgrade accommodated the increased electrical load from equipment and personal electronics which were not common when the building was built. Work occurred while the Veterans’ Home was in operation; residents were temporarily relocated to other wings in the nursing home as construction was completed.

As part of this project, site lighting was upgraded on the campus. Existing poles and luminaires were replaced with new poles and new energy-saving LED lights. Using advanced control technology, each pole light on the campus is wirelessly controlled with the dimming capability to reduce lighting levels during the evening in areas with little activity while increasing the lighting levels in more active areas to improve visibility and safety.


Year Completed



30 main panels


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