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Ohio ENT Eastglenn Medical Office Building

Columbus, Ohio

This project consisted of a single-story, 22,000 square-foot new construction and tenant build-out for multiple medical offices uses including CT and a controls room. A second tenant fit-out was requested partially through the project for changes including an additional nurses station, audio room, and media room for auditory exams and treatment.

Tec provided mechanical engineering to complete appropriate HVAC system design for the building. Rooftop units and VAV terminal boxes with local thermostat control have initially been anticipated as the basis of design. Once the system selection was completed and confirmed, Tec proceeded with the HVAC engineering and design. Specialized environmental conditioning for the CT Room and equipment was required as well as design of Direct Digital Controls (DDC) Temperature controls where needed.

Electrical Engineering included lighting and lighting controls as well as new general-purpose receptacles and specific power requirements for miscellaneous equipment including the CT Room equipment. Electrical design provided for the power requirements of the various items of HVAC equipment and controls. Since this was a new building on a green site, Tec coordinated the electric utility requirements for power, communication, and data services.

Plumbing system design included roof drains, storm and sanitary sewers within the building, domestic water service from a connection point approximately five (5) feet beyond the building foundation. Domestic hot and cold-water distribution throughout the building as well as domestic hot water heaters and various plumbing fixture specifications.


Year Completed



22,000 SF


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