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Cornerstone Expansion, Nestle / LJ Minor Corporation

Cleveland, Ohio

Tec provided the mechanical design for a 75,000 sq. ft. addition to the processing facility where Nestlé mass produces soup base and other similar products. The project was a design/build and the facility operates 24/7 with the facility fully operational during construction. The design includes providing HVAC to seven bays of process/packaging areas.

The addition was divided into areas that are designed with spaces rated as low, medium to high hygiene with the highest quality of air in the high hygiene areas and airflow within the building designed to transfer air to lower hygiene areas. The addition used HVAC provided by 2-star rated (minimum hollow bodies, cleanable smooth surfaces) air-handling equipment which includes filtration, chilled water-glycol and heating water with VAV reheat.

The cooling for the 2-star units was provided by the chilled water/glycol system mentioned above with the refrigeration system. The units provide service to the high-hygiene production areas.


Year Completed



75,000 SF


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