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Morris Forman Wastewater Treatment Plant Environmental Testing Laboratory

Louisville, Kentucky

A new 11,300 sq. ft. laboratory building was designed to Biosafety Level 2 standards and was consistent with the Coalition for Environmentally Responsible Economies (CERES) principles of environmental responsibility Our scope of services included mechanical, plumbing; fire protection and electrical engineering. The plumbing systems included acid waste drainage, de-ionized water, natural gas, domestic hot and cold water, argon distribution piping, and tempered water for emergency eyewash/showers. The building was completely sprinklered. The project provided 6 environmental control chambers for cold storage and cell incubation. Cold storage rooms were designed for 4° C. while incubators were designed for 20° C. All units controlled temperature to 1/2° C. ±, and provided remote monitoring and computer based recording. Total floor area is 500-sf.

HVAC systems included a 100% outside air rooftop unit for laboratory makeup air, recirculating rooftop unit for offices, water chiller, process water cooling tower, hot water boiler, induced dilution fume hood exhaust fans, laboratory airflow control system, and direct digital control (DDC) temperature control system.

The electrical system included a new primary voltage service added to the existing substation, a new 1200 amp, 460V/3PH electrical service, standby emergency power, uninterruptible power, interior lighting, emergency egress and exit lighting, and exterior lighting, and a fire alarm system.


Year Completed

$4 million


11,300 SF


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