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Building Assessments, Cuyahoga Country Public Library

Cuyahoga County, Ohio

Tec performed a comprehensive mechanical and electrical building assessment for the Cuyahoga County Public Library. The assessment was conducted at 29 branches including the library administrative offices and included the evaluation of the existing heating, ventilation, electrical, lighting, fire alarm and fire protection system at each location. Field investigations were conducted at each location and a detailed report was prepared outlining the existing building system deficiencies, allowing the library system to rank the building needs and determine a construction improvement schedule. As part of this effort, Tec gathered information and coordinated directly with the library and a construction team to determine improvement costs and priorities. The final report has been well received by the library system. The report was posted on the CCPL website and continues to be utilized by the facilities staff as a tool in the ongoing building improvement program. This assessment has helped to set the priorities for future construction projects for the library system. Tec was involved in the design for the new Garfield Heights library and renovations at the University Heights and Solon libraries brought forth by this report. mechanical


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