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Geauga County Public Library, Various Locations

Geauga County, Ohio

Geauga West Branch Tec Inc. provided the engineering design for new construction of a 20,000 sq. ft. branch library. Engineering services included HVAC, plumbing, electrical and technology design. The architecture of this building lent itself to some creative use of light. The primary feature of the Clerestory Spine defined the main circulation path and provided a separation between Adult Services and Children’s Services. The nighttime illumination of the Clerestory Spine created a sense of transparency to the building.

Terry Kilbourne, LE - Project Manager | Project Designer Middlefield Branch Library

Tec Inc. was the engineer providing engineering services for the completion of a new 23,000 sq. ft. branch in Middlefield, Ohio. In addition to the typical services and functions of a branch library, the Middlefield Branch is home to the Geauga County Public Library System Bookmobile. As such a single bay Bookmobile Garage was part of the building plan. A prominent feature of the design included a central spine that helps to direct traffic flow. Advances in technology allowed Tec to take advantage of more energy-efficient light sources that improved the visual experience while reducing energy and maintenance costs.

Terry Kilbourne, LE - Project Manager | Project Designer Middlefield Branch Library

Bookmobile Garage Expansion Due to the success of the county’s Bookmobile Service, the original single bay garage was doubled in size in 2015, along with reconfiguring the support space within the Library proper. Tec provided the engineering services in support of this capital project.

Terry Kilbourne, LE - Project Manager | Project Designer

Tim Pool, PE, RCDD - Engineer of Record Burton Branch Library

Tec was asked to review the general illumination for the Burton Branch after several patron complaints that the library environment appeared somber. Tec’s team of electrical engineers visited the site, reviewed the illumination, and offered recommendations for improvement.

Terry Kilbourne, LE - Project Manager | Project Designer

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