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Main Building Renovation (Phase 2), Cleveland Public Library

Cleveland, Ohio

In 2010, a Main Library Consolidation master plan was prepared to identify space efficiencies while also planning to accommodate 21st-century service demands. Proposed improvements were designed to be implemented in phases over time. Phase 2 elevated the front-door visitor experience; leveraged library space as venues for community use; created collaborative learning spaces that support of emerging services; implemented a comprehensive wayfinding system, and updated infrastructure to support the above goals.

LOUIS STOKES WING FIRST FLOOR: As the only public accessible entrance, this is considered the Main Entrance to the Library. The entrance lobby benefits from new lighting and two corner rooms flanking the entrance were repurposed as public spaces. The southwest room includes an interactive interpretive environment highlighting the history of the Cleveland Public Library as an institution while also celebrating the legacy of the namesake Louis Stokes, as well as other luminaries named in the building.

The southeast room was repurposed as a multipurpose public work zone, for community members doing project-based and technology-driven work. Along the tiled wall, desks were replaced with a concierge station. Functional upgrades were included on the staff side of the wall in conjunction with a relocated security office just north of its previous location. The north room was transformed into an indoor urban reading room flanked by the north corner rooms - a small café area and the relocated Friends Store. Existing light fixtures were replaced throughout the first floor.

LOUIS STOKES WING 2ND FLOOR: This floor was completely re-imagined as an open, flexible space for learning, meeting and facilitating programs. The space accommodates facilitated and ad hoc and peer-to-peer learning, and except for the existing enclosed rooms on the north wall, and newly enclosed ‘corner rooms’ on the south, is reconfigurable to allow for large group meetings, author events and other types of gatherings. The existing lighting in the space was modified, HVAC for new meeting rooms was updated, new AV and sound systems were provided, and new furniture was installed throughout.

MAIN BUILDING FIRST FLOOR: Brett Hall is the historic Main Building centerpiece enhanced as a venue for events such as conferences, meetings and weddings. The renovation included targeted finish upgrades, plus HVAC, electrical, lighting and technology improvements. Adjacent offices and storage were repurposed as event support spaces. The security desk just outside of Brett hall was replaced with a more permanent solution.

LIBRARY LIGHTING CONTROLS: This project replaced malfunctioning and/or outdated equipment, provided a new master control system and graphic interface, updated breakers in lighting panels throughout both buildings, and re-wired the system to allow centralized and comprehensive lighting control campus-wide.


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