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Maple Heights Branch, Cuyahoga County Public Library

Maple Heights, Ohio

Cuyahoga County Public Library Maple Hts. Branch completed a renovation of an outdated building. The exterior of the building received a new modern entry with signage and a new vestibule.

The interior renovations included: A new interactive Play, Learn and Grow space to support early childhood development; a new afterschool Homework Center; a dedicated space for teens that provides access to technology and learning resources; an innovative new Tinker Space where children can explore their creativity through activities that build learning skills, a Cuyahoga Works: Job & Careers Services center where the Library holds professional counseling, workshops and training for job seekers and career changers.

Tec Inc. completed the mechanical and electrical engineering associated with the 26,000 SF renovation. The library layout changed substantially, requiring modifications to HVAC ductwork and diffusers for better patron comfort. Electrical engineering relocating electrical outlets as needed for the new areas created. Tec Studio completed the lighting design.

The new interior lighting provided significant energy savings as well as aesthetic enhancements to the refurbished and new interior spaces. The lighting power density for the project is 35% less than the allowable state energy code. In addition, long-life fluorescent and LED products were used to assist with maintenance and operating budgets. A new lighting control system was designed in line with current energy standard requirements and to provide ease of operation. Exterior lighting design was added to the main entry to reinforce the new dynamic environment.


Year Completed

$2.5 million


26,000 SF


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