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Raymond M. Blasco, MD Memorial Library Renovation

Erie, Pennsylvania

This project encompassed a partial renovation of a 7,000 sq. ft., 2-story library connected to the Maritime Museum in Erie, Pennsylvania. The renovations include the construction of a new maker space, new circulation desk and entry area modifications, new restrooms, and staff area upgrades.

Tec provided electrical engineering to complete the design of the lighting and lighting control upgrades, as well as new general-purpose receptacles and specific power requirements for the library equipment. The electrical design included the modification of branch circuits within the space—including the various items of mechanical equipment or controls—and modifications to the existing fire alarm system. Mechanical engineering included adding a new rooftop unit to serve the maker space. A new exhaust fan was provided in the toilet rooms.

The plumbing and fire protection system design was an extension and modification of the existing system. Plumbing for expanded toilet facilities included new sinks and toilet fixtures. The fire protection design relocated existing sprinkler heads to accommodate the new space configuration. Technology design included low voltage system cabling, terminations, IT room layout, testing and hardware necessary for connectivity of computers, phones, security devices, wireless and other utilization equipment within the space. Audiovisual cabling, speakers and voice paging system designs rounded out Tec’s scope of services.


Year Completed

$2.7 million


7,000 SF


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