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TechCentral, Cleveland Public Library

Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland Public Library converted the lower level audio/visual lending area to a new center for computing and technology. Covering 7,000 sq. ft., this renovation replaces shelves of CDs and DVDs with tables and counters for new computers. The MyCloud service provides patrons access their own personal desktop for job search, research, email and social media.

Tec completed engineering and lighting design services for the renovation of the lower level teen section into TechCentral. The project required electrical and mechanical engineering, lighting design, and technology design. An innovative modular raised floor system by FreeAzex® provides the space needed for distributing power and cabling to more than 100 computers and printers while maximizing the height of the ceiling. Another benefit of the modular floor is the ability to reconfigure the locations of computers, etc. to meet the needs of visitors.

The architecture was brought to life through refurbished direct/indirect suspended lighting and additional accent lighting. The suspended fixtures illuminate the space evenly while minimizing glare for library patrons working at the computers. The existing intricate ceramic tile mosaic wall was highlighted for the first time with linear led accent lighting mounted to the edge of the counter installed along the wall. Additionally, information desks incorporate integral LED technology with 3-form panels provided a self-illuminated presence in the space.


Year Completed



7,000 SF


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