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A Special Thank You from Terry Kilbourne, Business Leader of the Year 2022

Terry Kilbourne, CEO and Founder of Tec Inc. Engineering & Design, was awarded the Business Leader of the Year by the Western Willoughby Chamber of Commerce in Eastlake, Ohio. Over the past 40+ years, Terry has made such a profound impact on Lake County as a volunteer, philanthropist, and businessman by giving his time and leadership to helping out the community. This award was presented to Terry at the WWLC annual awards and luncheon, celebrating Terry's professional journey and leadership efforts in Lake County. See our award video presented for Terry, here.

Terry shares a few words about receiving this award to the community of Eastlake, OH:


This is a wonderful honor. Usually, you’re dead before something like this happens. Fortunately, I am still here and able to enjoy this very special honor. I am overwhelmed, humbled and proud to have been nominated by my staff and to receive this recognition.

I want to thank the Willoughby Western Lake County Chamber of Commerce for considering me for this prestigious honor. However, there are a whole lot of people and organizations that have contributed to my development and positioned me to be standing here today. From my staff and coworkers at Tec Inc. Engineering & Design, to the various organizations I have served in, and of course my family. In particular, I am grateful to my lovely wife Pam, lord knows she has put up with a lot, yet year after year she renews my contract going on 53 years and my children Adam and Kerri. Since Adam was elevated to the position of President of Tec Inc. in January of 2020, my main mission is to provide enough value, so he doesn’t change the locks or auction off my office to the highest bidder.

To be recognized for simply doing what I thought was expected of me is exceptional. Helping others, giving back to my profession and my community has been a significant part of my life. I'm not sure where that came from because to my knowledge it is not something my parents or siblings taught me. I am happy to have influenced my son and daughter as well as some friends along the way, as they have found their individual ways to give back. I found giving of your time and treasure feels so good, it almost seems selfish.

In closing, thank you Karen, Donna, Dana, the Board and Committees at Willoughby Western Lake County Chamber of Commerce. I have been blessed and I am truly grateful for this honor.


Again, congratulations to Terry on this wonderful achievement that encompasses his love and empathy for his community.

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