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A Tec Inc. Holiday Letter

Dear Friends,

Happy Holidays! We may have seen you once or twice this year, but we have wonderful news to share with you during this holiday season. We are truly blessed to have friends and partners in the industry like you and hope you'll appreciate our holiday letter to you.

As we embarked on the year of 2022, we celebrated a merger complete with the addition of 10 engineers and staff members to our firm. This addition was long awaited and completed in January as we officially named our Columbus office Tec Inc. Thank you for all of the well wishes and overwhelming response to our new addition. We celebrated our staff throughout the year, recognizing work anniversaries and achievements because we know we would not be where we are today without their dedication and knowledge. We also added a few unofficial Tec teammates, that won't be able to join us for another 18+ years. Congratulations to our staff members with growing families both through marriage and new babies!

In the spring, Tec Inc. continued to emerge from the COVID-19 slump and we showed signs of a successful year of new projects and clients that would bring new challenges and old friends back to our meeting rooms and Teams chats. Terry and Tim were able to resume their giving and golfing campaigns. Our relationships endured some of our friends changing locations, names and accepting new positions. We learned to remain flexible and persistent in our commitment to our values and goals.

By summer, our workload and staff picked up; We announced the new licensure of 2 professional engineers, and added a few new interns to the staff to help with our increasing workload. As in the past we've had success with recruiting from our partners at area colleges and universities to find good engineers to train as Tec"y"s. We hope to gain more talented engineers next year as our work and backlog remain constant. P.S. We're still you!

This fall we increased our efforts to make this year count with perseverance and adding more projects to our repertoire. We are completing a few digesters in New York and traveling to states we are now licensed in for Condado Taco and Circle K fuel stations. Our retail and commercial clients have taken our engineers to Maine and Miami this year, keeping us busy and traveling near and far.

We never stray far from our homes in Ohio and Pennsylvania and are grateful to have spent the year with clients and friends in Cleveland, Columbus, and Pittsburgh. We finished the year with record highs and we're not talking about the temperatures (especially in Cleveland- Brrr!). Even though the infamous "Scrooge tie" made an appearance at our Holiday luncheon, CEO, Terry addressed the firm saying, "I'd be hard pressed to be anymore pleased with our continued progress."

We are thankful for all of you and wish you a Happy Holiday season filled with blessings and rest after a busy 2022!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from your friends at Tec Inc. Engineering & Design!

We hope you're not on the naughty list like our happy elf, John.

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