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Happy New Year from Tec Inc.

Tec Inc. wishes a Happy New Year to our friends, clients, colleagues, and partners. The past year has been Tec Inc's best performing year yet with consistent project work, a firm merger, and many goals accomplished.

Our 2022 Year In Review looks back at some of our most important feats and encompasses the growth that our firm has endured. If you've been following our social media, you may have already seen a few stats we've shared. We're about to go into the details of Tec's 2022, here's a quick overview:

Beginning with one of the biggest moments of Tec's 2022 was our merger with Monks Engineers! It became official in February and we've been able to work between Cleveland and Columbus seamlessly since then. The additional staff to work on different projects, provide administration guidance, the comradery, and cooperation between our two main locations has been a success this year.

In April, CEO and Founder, Terry Kilbourne was awarded the Business Leader of the Year award from the Willoughby Western Chamber of Commerce in Lake County, Ohio. This was a much deserved achievement for Terry as he has been involved within the Lake County community now for over 20 years. Terry will serve on the WWLCC Board in 2023 as their Chief of Marketing Chair.

In July, The Marketer (SMPS Journal) featured a story on Adam Kilbourne's Path to Principal program, a career path program full of resources for AEC marketers who want to become firm principals. Since it's release, Adam and project partner, Leah Boltz, FSMPS, CPSM, have been featured in additional SMPS content, been featured on Lindsay Diven's podcast, and they've even presented their research and information at a few conference this past summer including SMPS Amplify and Heartland conferences. Check out for resources and more information.

This summer we also had the most summer interns we've ever had! This year, Tanner Koren, a BGSU student, has been interning at the Columbus office and will be continuing working at Tec following his graduation next spring. Leah Borisch, Syed Ahmed, and Mark Ghazzoul joined us as interns this past summer. Syed Ahmed has also confirmed he will be working with us following his graduation this spring. We are happy to be able to provide students with opportunities to contribute to our business to further their education and prepare them for a professional career. We're looking forward to working with our interns more in 2023!

In addition to the growth of our staff, our social media following and engagement also increased on each platform over 50%. We share our insight, culture, and news with other members of the AEC industry. Keep up to date with Tec Inc's informational blogs, company culture, and industry news by following us on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Last and certainly not least of 294 projects we started this year, most projects were higher education, followed by commercial/retail projects. Some of our notable clients this past year include Gannon University, The Ohio State University, and Lakeland Community College. Commercial clients included DSW (Wellogy), Circle K (Cupcovik Architecture), Life Storage (Salient Associates, LLC), and many more. We value our clients and collaborative partners for always keeping Tec in mind for mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering services.

All in all, 2022 has been an incredible year and we hope that you've also found success in 2022. We're looking forward to continuing our positive outlook into 2023 and look forward to working with you in the new year!


Happy New Year from the staff at Tec Inc. Engineering & Design

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