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How Does Tec Inc. Celebrate the Fourth of July?

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Happy Fourth of July, 2021!

Today is a holiday that allows our country to come together in celebration of freedom and culture.

However, our varied backgrounds and upbringings have given us a variety of ways to celebrate the occasion, with each individual's Independence Day rituals bringing a slightly different approach.

For some, it becomes a food-centric occasion, celebrating America's favorite cook-out items like hamburgers, hot dogs, or even a rack of ribs. For others, it's a chance to gather with family and take in a gorgeous fireworks display.

After all, our variety of traditions and experiences are part of what makes this country so special.

Our staff members shared how they celebrate the Fourth of July. While some items were similar for all, our team wound up with a variety of traditions, much like America as a whole.

Here's how the Tec Inc. team celebrates their Independence Day:


Courtney Van Ostran, CPSM, Director of Marketing & Business Development

My family and I attend our local Kiwanis Club, July 4th Festival with fireworks, rides, and games. We also spend a few hours volunteering at the Arts Boosters lemon shake-up booth, a fundraiser for the schools' music and arts programs.

Steve Schwarten, Mechanical Designer

Spend time with family and friends, cooking out, and watching fireworks.

John Milenius, PE, LEED AP, Director of Mechanical Engineering

  • Everything Red, White, and Blue

  • Neighbors hang out

  • Backyard barbecue with burgers, no dogs (the dogs are for the British).

  • Cornhole

  • Fireworks - mostly sparklers

  • Cut the grass

  • Feet up on the couch - it's my Independence Day!

  • Beer - Budweiser because the can is Red, White, and Blue.

Adam Kilbourne, FSMPS, CPSM, President

I like to go to the beach by my house and photograph the fireworks.

Terry Kilbourne, LC, Chief Executive Officer

Hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill with family. Fireworks not so much anymore. Of course, I fly the American Flag, honoring this great nation and the freedom we enjoy.

Dominic Mascia, Mechanical Engineer

I like to Celebrate the Fourth of July with cookouts and fireworks with family and friends. Doing all this on a lake and boating is preferred but not always the case.

Mike Ferrante, Mechanical Engineer

I celebrate a pretty typical Fourth of July. We go to my friend's house in the country for some beer, some grilled food, and of course some amateur pyrotechnics.

Drew Robinson, Mechanical Engineer

Spending time outdoors with family and friends.

Max Kolomiyets, Electrical Engineer

I like to celebrate the Fourth of July by grilling out with friends and family while having plenty of fireworks throughout the day!

Jim Carlisle, LEED AP BD+C, CPD, CDT, CSI

This year will be different than last year: July 3rd is a family get together on my inlaw side of the family - outdoors... lots of people, food, games, and some minor fireworks. July 4th will be a more tame day with our kids and grandkids and with lots of food, games, and sparklers.

Steve Bohn, Associate, Senior Electrical Engineer

I enjoy having a cookout with my family and walking to the fireworks at Lakewood Park.

Liz Spellacy, Electrical Engineer

With family, friends, and food!

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