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Interview: Jaime Jasinski gives insight into his long-spanning career at Tec Inc

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

With a career spanning greater than 30 years, Plumbing Designer Jaime Jaskinski has experienced quite a lot during his time with Tec Inc. Engineering & Design.

Over the course of his career, Jaime has provided clients with a highly-skilled plumbing designer with experiences ranging from higher education classrooms, libraries, parks, retailers, gas stations, courthouses, car dealers, and just about everything in between.

As one of the most veteran members of our team, Jaime often works with younger staff members on projects, assisting them in their design work by offering more than three decades of his own expertise, helping them to develop skills of their own.

A short while ago, we had the chance to catch up with Jaime for an interview, to get a better look at his career, in addition to some of his day-to-day experience as a member of the firm.

What is something that makes coming into the office every day worthwhile?

Before COVID, people would try to meet clients in person because it created a connection. Same thing when working with people in the office. You know a little more about a co-worker when you work alongside them compared to working remotely with them. You can understand their work habits, best time of day or week to interact or their different personalities.

What is the best professional development opportunity you have had at Tec?

The best professional development opportunity is being in the field watching contractors put a project together. A lot can be learned from the tradespeople in the field.

When a new member joins the Tec team, what’s the first thing they should know when they walk in the door?

Tec has been successful for a lot of years. It will take some time to understand how and why Tec is successful for a new member of the team. But with time, work-life will get easier.

What do you think most people think of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering? How would you explain it to them if they asked?

Most people try not to think too much about MEP. That is why they hire Tec so they don’t have to think too much about it. I would explain to most people that MEP Engineering is a process of including systems that make life better for users inside a building by making it more habitable, more comfortable, and safer. Without the MEP systems in buildings, it is just a cave.

What do you think sets Tec Inc. apart from the larger firms, or at least some of the larger firms in our region?

Tec is not afraid of projects that other large firms do not want to take on. Tec’s portfolio is vast and sometimes highly technical and other times simple. We never fit very well into a box that we can be pigeonholed.

What techniques early in your career set up your foundation for success?

My career started a long time ago. I was on manual drafting boards in the beginning. Manual drafting taught me a discipline about working on drawings that carries through to working on CAD today. I plan a set of drawings and each sheet out – (if not on paper at least in my head) before I start in to it. It taught me to avoid reworking a drawing by following the 5 P’s Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance.

What do you think makes Tec an appealing place for someone starting their career?

Tec puts new engineers alongside the older engineers so that they can assist with teaching the young engineers and it does not hold them back on projects. The young engineer will be put in a large project very quickly compared to other firms that do not allow the young engineer to grow.

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