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Interview: Jerimiah Baker shares the keys to his early-career successes

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Rising within the ranks of Tec Inc. Engineering & Design's Columbus office, Jerimiah Baker is one of our project engineers pushing our firm into the future.

While most engineers at our firm, and in general, work within a single disciple, Jerimiah has a unique set of skills that allows him to work as both a mechanical and electrical engineer, giving our team and our clients an added value of versatility.

Contributing to many of our projects at The Ohio State University, Jerimiah is getting a lot of experience working on a wide range of higher ed projects.

Additionally, he's assisted Jon Alexander, PE, LEED AP on a variety of state and municipality projects throughout Ohio.

Our marketing team recently had a chance to sit down and ask Jerimiah what's given him a strong start to his career at Tec Inc., in addition to how he sees the industry trending into the future.

What is something that makes coming into the office every day worthwhile?

The finished project, being able to see the result of all the time and effort makes all of the days spent working on a project worth it.

What is the best professional development opportunity you have had through the company?

Training such as a Trane A/C clinic and in-house, REVIT training has been the best opportunity for professional development.

When a new member joins the team, what’s the first thing they should know when they walk in the door?

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. There is a lot to learn with this job and it takes time, but everyone here wants to help you succeed.

What do you think most people think of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering? How would you explain it to them if they asked?

As long as it is working properly, most people don’t think about MEP. MEP is everything that a building needs to function properly.

What do you think sets us apart from the larger firms, or at least some of the larger firms in our region?

What sets us apart from larger firms is the quality of our work and the attention that each client receives.

What techniques early in your career set up your foundation for success?

Being able to independently research and find answers to questions.

What do you think makes Tec an appealing place for someone starting their career?

Tec is appealing because as a small firm you are able to learn many more aspects of the job, rather than focusing on a specific area.

With sustainable technology continuing to take the stage as a primary desire for clients, what do you do to stay informed about the latest trends in the industry?

Attending webinars, online training, and meeting with sales and factory reps to learn about new products.

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