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Steve Bohn becomes Tec Inc.'s Newest Shareholder

Tec Inc. Engineering & Design proudly announces the addition of Steve Bohn, Senior Electrical Engineer, as a new shareholder. A longstanding leader of the engineering design team, Steve has demonstrated his commitment to client service and excellence in design and project management over the past 17 years.

In addition to engineering and project management, Steve is the primary mentor to interns and entry-level engineers and is responsible for maintaining our CAD/BIM services. Steve earned the title of Associate of the firm in 2020 and has since further proved his leadership and management skills leading teams on some of the firm's most notable projects.

Becoming an owner was an important step for his career, Steve shared his thoughts on why becoming a shareholder was important to him, "Tec provided me opportunities to learn and continue my growth in my career. I like the current and future direction of the firm, and wanted to show my commitment to the company by becoming an owner."

Steve believes his contributions will also help fulfill the firm's goals. "As an owner, I want to continue to provide leadership for the less senior staff and help drive the future of Tec. I hope to assist in continuing to grow the firm while maintaining our current level of service and a good reputation in the industry."

This is the first time Tec has added shareholders since 2015 when the firm merged with W.E. Monks Engineers in Columbus, Ohio. The addition of shareholders is a continuance of the succession planning begun in 2019 and our belief in providing growth and development opportunities for our professionals. Tec believes in developing our professionals and offering them the opportunity to grow in their prospective field both technical and through providing leadership opportunities.

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Congratulations Steve. So happy and proud to have you join the ownership. You have been a big part of our success, and you certainly embrace Tec’s values. I know you will excel in this role. All the Best.


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