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The Fast Pace of Change in Healthcare Just Increased

As we navigate the new world of remote working, Tec is actively working with architects and healthcare clients on fit-outs of commercial spaces to healthcare practices among other renovations and upgrades. Understanding that the current circumstances are changing more rapidly for our clients and colleagues in the industry, Tec remains available to assist with MEP engineering, Technology and Lighting design for our past and current architectural and healthcare clients. While considering how we can meaningfully contribute to current needs, we're focused on increasing our industry knowledge and being a resource to you.

Some of the long talked about trends in healthcare are coming to the forefront of our industry. We are experiencing a rapid advancement of technology applications that are contributing to the fight against coronavirus. As a firm, we always strive to learn and improve our services to best serve our clients. We understand this is even more critical during the current status of our communities as we stay home, work remotely, and adjust our businesses to stay viable.

We’ve gathered some recent resources and thought we would share that information with you so we can all remain safe, adapt quickly and thrive in our current circumstances.

Telehealth or telemedicine is rapidly becoming not only an option for homebound patients, but also a necessity for patients and doctors working within the confines of social distancing. My family physician started converting their practice to telehealth shortly before the COVID-19 stay-at-home orders. Some of the latest advances in personal technology are allowing patients and doctors to connect on many levels outside of the standard medical office space, it can be as simple as installing an app on a phone for patients. To read more on the telehealth and telemedicine technologies, Click Here:

One way MEP engineers can help is by working with the healthcare systems to convert in-patient settings to safely handle coronavirus patients. We believe one solution Healthcare providers may be considering is modification of HVAC systems inside in-patient settings to a central system or even to rooms with negative air pressure. If planned appropriately, systems can be upgraded with controls that quickly and easily allow healthcare providers to change rooms for negative air pressure appropriate for surgical procedures and handling infectious diseases. We’ve learned about some helpful products and design recently and share them here with you.

Finally, as consultants across the nation are responsibly keeping our employees, clients and families safer by staying home and working remotely we have some business resources for you to reference. Whether you are an engineer, architect or owner, we thank you for joining us in the effort to reduce the spread of coronavirus.

*Tec Inc. does not endorse and is not responsible for any information contained in the links provided

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