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The Importance and Value in Hiring a Professional

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

As the year continues to roll on, the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission recommends the hiring of a professional engineer in order to best assess a given facility’s ability to minimize disease transmission. A professional engineer is required to be up-to-date on the latest matters of code, in addition to maintaining familiarity with the industry’s latest technological advances.

Through their education and training, engineers are capable of finding the inefficiencies in existing systems. Further, due to the wide variety of projects and facility types encountered by mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineers, they're able to overcome the tricky challenges that some spaces present.

Whether it's been five years or fifty years since a facility's last renovation, a professional engineer delivers recommendations on how to maximize that space's systems in the present.

Additionally, hiring an engineer to review a facility can help owners learn about potential savings, both in terms of energy efficiency and finding funding. The State of Ohio Beaurau of Worker’s Compensation is offering funding through the end of March to help certain types of facilities upgrade their ventilation systems.

Information from Ohio Facilities Construction Commission regarding the importance of hiring a Professional Engineer to review the systems inside of buildings.

Receiving an evaluation and assessment from a professional can help the facility find affordable upgrades now while saving on maintenance and hassle down the line.

John Milenius, PE, LEED AP, Director of Mechanical Engineering, at Tec Inc. Engineering & Design is an expert in mechanical systems assessments and can assist facilities to find potential state funding before the governor’s offer expires at the end of the month.


Contributions from the Engineering Team at Tec Inc.

Principal | Director of Mechanical Engineering

Recognized as a pragmatic and skilled expert in HVAC engineering and plumbing design, John focuses on making the most of project budgets and schedules for our clients. A skilled troubleshooter and proponent of increasing energy efficiency, John manages and leads our mechanical engineering staff at Tec. In addition, he is always looking to help future AEC professionals along the way.

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