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Why Tec? New Hire Perspectives on Growth, Community, and Opportunity

At Tec, we take immense pride in our team and the environment we cultivate. Recently, we had the pleasure of speaking with some of our new hires, delving into what drew them to Tec Inc. and why they decided to embark on this journey with us. Their insights shed light on the unique aspects of our company that continue to attract top talent. Let's take a closer look:

Personal Connections and Warm Welcomes:

Finding a welcoming atmosphere can set the tone for one's entire experience with a company. 

"I found Tec Inc. at my college's career fair and was immediately greeted with smiling faces and welcoming spirits! As I continued to talk to the employees of Tec Inc., I found myself gaining more and more interest into the company. This led me to leave my application and apply for an internship!"

The warmth and friendliness displayed by Tec Inc. employees at the college career fair left a lasting impression on this new hire, illustrating the importance of creating genuine connections from the very first encounter.

Willingness to Teach and Learn:

The emphasis on mutual growth and learning within Tec Inc. resonated strongly with this new hire. 

"Something that strongly piqued my interest was the willingness to teach. I believe internships are meant to be reciprocal in benefits, which Tec Inc. also agrees with. The employees make it very clear that this experience is meant to better me as an engineer, and I am then meant to better the company in any way I can."

By highlighting the company's commitment to their personal and professional development, Tec Inc. demonstrated a culture of continuous improvement and investment in its employees.

Flexibility and Support for Academic Pursuits:

Balancing work and academics can be a challenge for many students and recent graduates. 

"The main factor that I enjoyed about Tec Inc. was the flexibility they offer with my college career. They understand that academics come first in this process, but they want to aid my learning rather than take away from it. I also think that I was met with smiling faces who were so interested in learning about me and my engineering style, which then made me even more interested in this company!"

The flexibility and understanding shown by Tec Inc. in accommodating the new hire's college commitments not only eased their transition into the workforce but also reinforced the company's commitment to their holistic development.

Diverse Clientele and Exposure:

Exposure to a wide range of projects and clients is invaluable for professional growth, offering opportunities to broaden skills and perspectives. 

"Something that set Tec Inc. apart from other firms was the variety of clients that they offer services to. This will allow me to have experience in many different realms, that I may utilize in my future as an engineer."

The diverse clientele of Tec Inc. provides an enriching environment for this new hire to gain varied experiences and expertise in their field.

Longevity and Stability:

The longevity and stability of a company can be indicative of its reputation and success.

"The fact that Tec is a small/mid-size firm with a long well-established history was appealing to me and I felt like that would fit with my background and experience."

For this new hire, the established history of Tec Inc. coupled with its size resonated as a promising environment for long-term career growth and stability.

Clear Communication and Future Goals:

Effective communication and transparency regarding expectations and future goals are vital for fostering trust and alignment within a company.

"Throughout the interview process the team was always clear about what they wanted from me as well as where the future goals lie, both for the company and my own development."

By maintaining clarity throughout the interview process, Tec Inc. demonstrated its commitment to open dialogue and shared objectives.

Relaxed yet Organized Culture:

A company's culture sets the tone for daily interactions and work dynamics. 

"Tec appeared to have a relaxed yet organized culture that had clear goals of where they foresee the company going. Combined with the fact that the average employee tenure was 12 years, I believed that this could provide a stable company where I could grow my career."

The relaxed yet organized culture described by this new hire suggests a harmonious blend of professionalism and camaraderie within Tec Inc., fostering an environment conducive to both productivity and employee satisfaction.

Holistic Development Opportunities:

Opportunities for holistic development encompassing technical skills, project management, and business acumen are highly valuable for professional growth. 

"Working out of the Pittsburgh office is going to provide me with the opportunity to work on the business development side of the industry along with engineering. Getting experience with those business development tasks will aid in my overall growth as an MEP engineer."

The new hire's excitement about gaining experience in business development alongside engineering highlights Tec Inc.'s commitment to offering comprehensive learning opportunities beyond traditional roles.

At Tec Inc., we are committed to providing an enriching and fulfilling experience for all our team members. From mentorship opportunities to exposure to diverse projects, we strive to foster an environment where growth and success are inevitable. We are thrilled to welcome our new hires aboard and look forward to witnessing their contributions to our collective journey of innovation and engineering excellence.

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