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2018 Recreation Centers MEP Upgrades, The City of Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio

The project encompasses the single-story ice skating rink. The mechanical equipment for making the chilled brine solution will be replaced.

Tec assisted with the public bidding process collecting bids and assisting with determining the best-qualified contractor. Tec provided Construction Documents suitable for obtaining a building permit and contractor bidding.

Mechanical Engineering included a new chiller (approx. size 100 tons), new cooling tower, new pumps and piping, valving and controls. All of the equipment resides in approximately the same location. There was not a re-calculation on the size of the equipment, as the existing size has worked adequately; The equipment will be replaced in kind. Any code issues noticed for the mechanical space were addressed in the design as well.

Tec provided Electrical Engineering to complete branch circuits for the various new items of mechanical equipment or controls.


Year Completed

$2 million


5 Facilities


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