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Kroc Community Center Addition, The Salvation Army

Ashland, Ohio

Tec provided MEP engineering services for the 22,000 SF addition to this community center in Ashland, Ohio. Electrical Engineering included the design of lighting and lighting controls as well as new general-purpose receptacles and specific power requirements for Pool Equipment. Electrical design included providing for the power requirements of the various items of HVAC equipment and controls. Tec also provided fire alarm system design and technology design for cable television services, building security systems.

Mechanical engineering for the addition included a dehumidification unit for the pool area and VAV or CV rooftop units with energy recovery for the locker rooms and fitness rooms and design of Direct Digital Controls (DDC) Temperature controls. Tec’s plumbing system design included roof drains, storm and sanitary sewers within the building, domestic water service from a connection point approximately 5 feet beyond the building foundation. Domestic hot and cold water distribution was installed throughout the building as well as domestic hot water boilers and various plumbing fixture specifications.

Tec coordinated with Civil Engineer for the on-site storm and sanitary sewers, as well as domestic and fire water and natural gas service and route services to within five feet of the building. A performance specification for the fire suppression sprinkler system along with the design on the incoming fire water service was also necessary for the addition.


Year Completed

$5.8 million


22,000 SF


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