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Lake Erie Bluffs Pavilion & Utility Design

Perry, Ohio

Tec Inc. completed engineering services for alternatives, design development, and construction drawings for a pavilion structure and the design of the associated utilities located in Lake Metroparks Lake Erie Bluffs. Over the past decade, Lake Metroparks has worked with various local, state, and national conservation partners to conserve and protect a significant amount of wetlands, meadow and mostly undeveloped lake front habitat used by are and common plant and animal species. The 600-acre property remains largely unspoiled by development. The mix of 40’ high beach bluffs and open sandy and cobble beach across 9,000 ft. of shoreline are the site’s dominant features. The beach area hosts trees, shrubs and small plans including the majority of the park’s rare plants.

Lake Metroparks constructed a three/four season pavilion in order to take advantage of breathtaking views of Lake Erie from atop the bluff. The pavilion structure has 1,100 sq. ft. of indoor open area gathering space, 275 sq. ft. of storage, 275 sq. ft. for rest rooms, and 560 sq. ft. of open air shelter area. In addition to the pavilion structure, Tec designed the necessary utilities to connect with existing utilities at the Lane Road cul-de-sac. Utilities include sewer, water, electric, communication and gas.


Year Completed

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1,100 SF


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