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Parker Hannifin Downtown Branch, YMCA of Greater Cleveland

Cleveland, Ohio

The YMCA Central Branch is a fixture of the community in Lake County and serves over 10,000 members. Tec Inc. is proud to serve this organization since 1990 and has completed MEP engineering on the following renovations and additions. The primary focus was the replacement of the suspended fixtures. Tec replaced the existing dated linear direct fluorescent fixtures with direct/indirect fixtures that take advantage of the reflectance of the new bright white ceiling. In addition, the downlights in the soffits were replaced with low-maintenance compact fluorescent downlights. New lighting and fresh paint create a welcoming entrance the facility.

Tec also updated the lighting fixtures in the corridor leading to the Healthy Lifestyle Center. This corridor was previously lit by four wall-mounted fluorescent “puck” lights. The existing fixtures were removed and new glass pendants providing 60 percent downlight and 40 percent uplight were installed. The new pendants utilize two 42 watt compact fluorescent lamps per fixture. With light reflecting from the walls and ceiling, the narrow corridor is now a comfortable space to walk into.


Year Completed

$11 million


39,000 SF


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