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SPIRE Institute and Spire Fuel Cafeteria, Athletic Facility

Geneva, Ohio

The SPIRE Institute is a premier sports and training facility in Northeast Ohio. The Aquatics Center was designed with input from USA Swimming and houses a 50-meter Olympic pool with a diving well. Adjoining spaces include a 25-yard warm-up/practice pool, vertical training pool, and therapy pools. The facility utilizes a 36-foot display showing the Colorado Timing System pace clock and competition scoreboards, as well as underwater video stroke and swim power analysis equipment.

To provide a comfortable atmosphere for athletes and spectators while protecting equipment from damaging environmental conditions, the humidity and temperature levels are balanced with a special HVAC system. Tec engineers designed the pump system and plumbing to handle the large volume of water and usage loads of the various pools—including an Olympic-sized pool—housed within the Aquatics Center. Lighting was designed to minimize reflective glare on the water experienced by swimmers, and make it easy for staff to replace bulbs when needed.

The multi-purpose building houses a 300-meter 8-lane track, jump pits, pole vault and high jump area, artificial turf multi-use field, and batting cages. Seating for 5,000 spectators and an additional banquet area overlooks the track. Amenities include locker facilities, fitness workout area, cafeteria, and indoor connections to other parts of the complex. Indirect lighting was utilized in order to minimize glare to athletes.

SPIRE FUEL is open to the public and offers nutritious, prepared-to-order meal options made from fresh ingredients, with no added trans-fat, artificial flavors, or coloring, that are enjoyed by Olympic and professional athletes. The cafeteria features stations such as a salad bar, sushi bar, pizza, grill, and deli. Our engineers collaborated with a kitchen equipment supplier to ensure the mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and lighting designs met the requirements for this ‘training table’ approach to dining.


Year Completed

$75 million


750,000 SF


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