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Lynn Hall, Hanover College

Hanover, Indiana

Lynn Hall was an underutilized gymnasium located at the center of a residential campus. The architect proposed to re-purpose Lynn Hall as an integrated live-learn community. The College accepted the plan and today the renovated building contains two large classrooms, informal study, lounges and residential suites.

These residential suites were constructed on a new mezzanine and in the two side wings. A hotel suite was added for guests visiting from out of town. Career services, experiential learning and student life offices and conference rooms are now easily accessible in the building’s front entry wing.

Tec completed mechanical and electrical engineering and plumbing and technology design for the renovation of the facility. The technology design included installation of wifi, cable and Ethernet for each of the 72 rooms housing upper class co-eds.


Year Completed

$4.5 million


72 rooms


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