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Gables of Westerville Senior Living Community

Westerville, Ohio

This new senior living community will provide 58 assisted living units and 26 memory care units surrounding an interior courtyard, an independent living wing consisting of 20 single story units, and 8 single-story independent living villas in a separate freestanding unit for a total of 109,000 sq. ft.

Tec provided electrical engineering to complete lighting and lighting controls as well as new general-purpose receptacles and specific power requirements for the laundry and kitchen. The electrical design provided the power requirements of the various items of HVAC equipment and controls. As an I-2 Occupancy, an emergency power system was required for critical loads.

Since this is a new building on a green site, Tec coordinated the electric utility requirements for power, communication and data services. Voice and data pathways, cabling and terminations as well as fire alarm system design, and building security were also included in the electrical engineering scope of services. Tec completed a preliminary mechanical engineering assessment to determine the appropriate HVAC system design for the various residence rooms throughout the community.

Tec proceeded with the actual HVAC engineering and design once the selection of HVAC systems was determined. Kitchen and toilet room exhaust were part of Tec’s design as were the Design of Direct Digital Controls (DDC) temperature controls. Plumbing system design included roof drains, storm and sanitary sewers within the building, domestic water service from a connection point approximately 5 feet beyond the building foundation. Domestic hot and cold water distribution throughout the building as well as domestic hot water boilers and various plumbing fixture specifications were included. A performance specification for the fire suppression sprinkler system was included, along with the design on the incoming fire water service.

$10 million
109,000 SF

Year Completed



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