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5 Ways We're Making Life Easier for our Digital Visitors

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Earlier this week, we finally got the chance to unveil our brand-new website to the world.

Continuing our firm’s efforts to refresh our brand, we’ve made our site as user-friendly as possible. This way, users are getting the information they really need and not clicking through pages and pages of what they don’t.

As no two websites are the same, we’re giving our users a break down of what they’ll find while navigating the new interface.

1. Modernizing our photo galleries to tell the story of our projects

In order to best present the amazing work of our engineers, we ensured that site visitors have quick access to high-resolution images that best showcase each of our projects.

While engineers don’t always have the prettiest part of a job, oftentimes it’s their ability to integrate simple beauty into their work to make a space that much more special.

2. Giving our visitors an easier way to communicate with Tec Inc.

Among the things we found beneficial for our users was an easier way to ask a question or send a quick note than writing an email.

On the front page of the site, users will find our new “Contact Us” form, where they can send a message to our team without chasing down any email addresses or phone numbers, thus putting a little time back in their day.

This new contact method also allows our users to get a quick answer, learn more about career opportunities, and/or simply find out more about what Tec Inc. has to offer.

3. Presenting our team to clients before a project begins

When we developed our plan for a new website, we prioritized the things that make Tec Inc. special; we’re bringing visitors an expanded way to get to know our people.

Among the first things we discussed were better ways to showcase our amazing team of engineers, administrators, and business leaders.

Absent from our past site and making its debut on our new web home is our “Meet the Team” page, featuring profiles of each member of the Tec Inc. team, including certifications, accreditations, accomplishments.

4. Reformatting our blog to make content more accessible for users

After investigating the web for the best way to communicate information, news, and updates about our engineers, we decided to make our blog a more accessible tool.

Including a reformatting of the blog pages, giving them a modern tinge, we’ve added reading times, increased the presence of visuals, and will share much more video content with information about our engineers and projects.

We’re very proud of all of the contributions from the team at Tec Inc., so it’s very exciting for us to share more of their accomplishments with our website visitors.

5. Simplifying the navigation of our site

One of the biggest complaints modern users have about websites centers around its ease of navigation.

Often times, websites try too hard to make for unique visitor experiences but leave the user confused about where to start.

On our new website, we’ve simplified the user experience to allow users to quickly and easily find the information relevant to their search.

Including the addition of the search bar and the stratification of our site categories, our users will now have a seamless experience when exploring our content.

While some sites host a wide assortment of highly-detailed information about their firm, we’ve simplified ours to help users find quick answers to their questions.

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