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Merger Complete: Monks Engineers is officially Tec Inc Engineering & Design.

We are happy to announce the completion of the merger with Monks Engineers as they officially take the name Tec Inc. This move is a final step in the development of one firm that streamlines our business and signals our continued presence in Central Ohio.

Our staff have developed a collaborative workflow and truly expanded the capabilities, resources and breadth of service in both the Central and Northeast Ohio markets. The increased staffing, additional licensed engineers, and sustainable expertise that Monks brought to our staff is fully integrated into the firm.

Tec Inc. provides a combination of diverse clients and experience as well as additional resources to the Columbus office staff. This widens their toolbox and provides the opportunity for our engineers to focus on the clients and projects.

The additional resources provided by increasing our professional staff in Columbus also resulted in our engineers gaining leadership experience and developing professionally, thus progressing in their career path simultaneously acquiring knowledge and management skills.

In addition to the technical benefits we realized from the merger, the changes in leadership allowed for our succession plan to proceed seamlessly, while the firm emerges even more stable and financially sound. We have taken the transition time of the merger to evaluate and align our employee benefits, become more strategic in our planning and business development and emerge more resilient in challenging economic climates.

In short - we are now one company with one name and one excellent team of professionals.

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