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Happy Thanksgiving from the Tec Inc. staff!

Happy to Thanksgiving to everyone! The Tec staff wishes you a wonderful holiday and rest of the holiday season. Here are some things that our staff is thankful this season for when reflecting on the past year.


Courtney Van Ostran, CPMS, FSMPS: "I’m grateful for the health and safety of my family and the support that they provide me. Also, thankful for the companionship of my canine family too."

Jim Carlisle, CPD, CDT, CSI: "I am thankful for working with a group intelligent, positive, and happy people on a daily basis. It’s great being affiliated with a company that cares for their employees, and is looking out for their best interests – both business wise and individually. Works for me!"

Adam Kilbourne, President, CPSM, FSMPS: “I am grateful for our staff who have worked to make this our best year ever at Tec!”

Max Kolomiyets: “I’m most grateful and blessed to welcome our baby boy, Liam, this year! I’m also thankful for the wonderful engineering team & staff I get to work with every day here at Tec!”

John Milenius, PE, Director of Mechanical Engineering: AKA official Tec Inc. comedian

"I am thankful for:

  1. My socks matching… most of the year

  2. Opposable thumbs

  3. Netflix in the winter

  4. No traveling anywhere for the holidays.

  5. Best movie of all time, “Shawshank Redemption”

  6. The Grinch. He is a “Green Guy” so I am counting on him to save the planet

  7. Wobbly Water (you have to watch Gunsmoke to understand)

  8. That my cat does not bark…like the neighbors dog does.

  9. That the US has not converted to metric yet.

  10. Mistletoe and beer! Unrelated to each other, but somehow related. "

Gina Pujolas: "I'm thankful for Tec allowing & supporting me to work from my new home this year, for celebrating a new stage of life and of course, health and family!"

Terry Kilbourne, Founder/ CEO: "I am thankful for good health and happiness, our wonderful staff, and the continued success for Tec Inc. Engineering & Design."

Jon Alexander: "I’m thankful for God’s blessings in my life. These include my faith, family, friends, health, and job to name just a few."

Elizabeth Buchtinec: "From all our fun family traditions (like our 6th annual Thanksgiving Turkey Bowl) to marrying my husband earlier this year, I have a lot to be thankful for. My friends and family are, of course, at the top of that list… including my favorite hiking buddy, Baxter! I am also thankful for the opportunity to grow as an engineer in a work environment where I am able to learn from experienced mentors, collaborate with coworkers, and even call them friends!"


We hope that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy your time off with family and friends. There is much to be thankful for this season. We are looking forward to new opportunities and hope to work with you in the new year!

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