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Tec Inc. celebrates opening of the Lake County Administration Center

Updated: May 5, 2020

The Lake County Commissioners convened on the afternoon of Thursday, October 10th, 2019 for the opening of the new-look Lake County Administration Center. At the unveiling the Lake County Commissioners noted the efficiency of having a wide variety of services housed under one roof. “It really is a one-stop shop for our residents to conduct transactions, vote, pay taxes and so forth,” Administrator Jason Boyd said.

The administration center has been open for the past two weeks in a limited capacity, but it is now ready for full-scale occupation.

Tec Inc. Engineering & Design provided full mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering services, in addition to technology design for the $30 million upgraded Administration Center.

The building encompasses 114,700 square feet, including 73,700 square feet of new construction performed between the team at Tec Inc. and Burgess & Niple, a Columbus-based architecture firm who’ve had a presence in Lake County since the 1950’s. The two firms are excited to have participated in the project creating a user-friendly, efficient and modern facility for the community and county staff.

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