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Tec Inc. staffers share their holiday season favorites

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

“My idea of Christmas, whether old-fashioned or modern, is very simple: loving others.” ~ Bob Hope

Faster than most of us could’ve ever expected, we’ve suddenly reached the heart of the holiday season, as many around the office are starting to take off time to spend quality time with family and friends. It’s also the time of year when people acknowledge the things important to them, our friends and loved ones, as we come closer together for the holidays.

While the weather is getting cold and snow is falling, it’s during this time of year that we come closer together to share the warmth of the season. Not to mention, everyone has a little something that makes the holidays special for them, something they’ll look forward to year after year.

Celebrating the season accordingly, members of Tec Inc. shared their favorite parts of the holidays.

Daniel Hyla, Mechanical Engineer

Spending time with family and friends.

Adam Kilbourne, Executive Vice President, Business & Administration

The holiday lights.

Mike Ferrante, Mechanical Engineer

The amazing food. Italian Baccala is the best.

Joelle Poploske, Administrative Assistant

So many things to choose from. My favorite part of the holiday season is our family traditions. So many things we have done since we were kids and have passed down to our own children. I love it!

Terry Kilbourne, President

Actually, the holiday season starts for us on the Saturday night before Thanksgiving. We have been supporting Big Brother Big Sisters at the annual festival of the Trees, a significant fundraiser for the organization. It is a wonderful evening with about 500 of our closest friends! A great way to start the holidays! Plus, the time we get to spend with family.

Willie Lutz, Marketing Coordinator

I have a hard time picking between holiday lights and Great Lakes Christmas Ale… and family, of course!

John Milenius, Director of Mechanical Engineering


Tim Pool, Executive Vice President, Engineering

Crab legs on Christmas Eve.

Jon Alexander, Senior Mechanical Engineer

Spending time with friends and family.

Celeste Edwards, Marketing & Administrative

Time with family.

Elizabeth Spellacy, Rising Electrical Engineer

[The student answer: The fact that it means finals is over of course!] For work, the holiday season means winter break which means I get to spend some time back here building my skills and helping out the engineering team. Personally, my favorite part of the holiday season is getting to spend time with all my loved ones. Busy days lead to busy months and before you know it, a year has passed by. Holidays remind me to take time to appreciate what I have and the people I'm close to.

Nicholas Kar, Electrical Engineer

Christmas Eve or New Year’s.

Courtney Van Ostran, Director of Marketing

I love the traditions of baking, decorating and gift giving especially when done with my family and friends. I truly cherish those moments with my kids and remembering the happy times of the past.

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