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We're back in the office! With safety adjustments to protect our day-to-day operations

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Beginning Monday, June, 1st, a majority of our team moved back into our three office locations, effectively transitioning out of our remote operations over the past few months.

However, the return doesn’t come without adjustments to our day-to-day operations, focused on protecting the health of our team.

In the interest of transparency and communication, we share some of the key changes in the workplace, including what guests can expect when they visit one of our offices in the near future.


  1. SOCIAL DISTANCING: While our offices allow for a safe six feet of separation with barriers between employees, we’re also applying social distancing guidelines, as recommended by the Center for Disease Control.

  2. MASKS: When not at their work station, we’re our employees are encouraged to wear masks/facial coverings around the office. We’re also notifying any guests that they must wear masks when visiting our facilities.

  3. CLEANING: In addition to enhanced cleaning services, we’re asking our employees to help keep our office as germ-free as possible, recommending that each give their personal workspace a wipe-down a couple of times a week. We've also asked them to clean common areas and shared office equipment after each use.

  4. SANITIZERS: We’ve placed plenty of hand sanitizer around our offices, allowing for quick cleansing methods should any of our employees or visitors feel a need to use these materials.

  5. CONFERENCE ROOMS: In order to stay within social distancing guidelines, we will be limiting occupancy in our conference rooms. While this may result in smaller sizes for meeting groups in person, it allows all of us to maintain a safe social distance.

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